03 juni 2009

Summer by the sea…


Little Boy's Dream

To and fro, to and fro
in my little boat I go.
Sailing far across the sea.
All alone, just little me.
And the sea is big and strong
and the journey very long.

To and fro, to and fro
in my little boat I go.
Sea and sky, sea and sky,
quietly on the deck I lie,
having just a little rest.

I have really done my best
in an awful pirate fight,
but we captured them all right.
Sea and sky, sea and sky,
quietly on the deck I lie..

Far away, far away
from my home and from my play,
on a journey without end
only with the sea for friend.
And the fishes in the sea,
but they swim away from me.

Far away, far away.
From my home and from my play.
Then he cried:
O Mother, dear!

And he woke and sat upright.
They were in the rocking chair,
mother's arms
around him tight.

Katherine Mansfield

For en liten solstråle av en gutt – en bekkeblomgul shorts til vesle Benjamin Minstemann! Mønster som på Nicholas og Marcus’ sine, – tidligere lagt inn.

En bit stoff fra deres i fyret!

Bens shorts

For a little ray of sunshine of a boy:


a Marsh Marigold yellow shorts for tiny Benjamin! Pattern as in Nicholas and Marcus’, - posted earlier.

A patch of their fabric in the lighthouse!


2 kommentarer:

Sue sa...

Oh EM, that picture of Benjamin in the cap is one of the cutest pictures I've ever seen!!!! That should be entered into a contest~

Love the shorts....could you make me...oh forget it...there isn't enough material...lol.


Eva Mari sa...

LOL I think he is a very cute boy too! I wish the pic could have been 100% sharp but I must be grateful it was taken at all!
My daughter doesn't always grab the camera on the spur of the moment! She told me he was sitting like this talking to the others so she did take his picture in a hurry!!

Oh come on, Sue! I'd love to make you something! Perhaps we are both a bit on the shy side when it comes to revealing how much fabric would be needed...? ;) I know I am.. *blush*

Hugs and love from me :D