01 juni 2009




If I were a bird, I'd sing a song

And fly about the whole day long

And when the night came
Go to rest, up in my cozy little nest.


Five little blue birds, hopping by my door
One went to build a nest,

and then there were four

Four little blue birds singing lustily
One got out of tune,

and then there were three

Three little blue birds,

and what should one do,
But go in search of dinner,

leaving only two.

Two little blue birds singing for fun
One flew away,

and then there was one.

One little blue bird sitting in the sun
He took a little nap,

and then there was none.


Free pattern HERE


4 kommentarer:

Sue sa...

ahhh Em...so cute

(and thank you again for taking the trouble to translate everything for me and others who do not speak Norwegian...

Love you!


Eva Mari sa...

I think so too, Sue! Cute in this thin velvetylike fabric but I'll make more from patches of cotton and other fabrics as well.

I feel rotten for not having done this translation earlier. Sorry about that!

Love you too!

Hugs from your sister of the heart :)

lillepooh sa...

Har du fått deg ny header, nå?!?

Eva Mari sa...

Ny header??? *totalt forvirret*