31 januar 2012

Binding the Wendy Butler Berns way



I made some placemats for my mum and dad as a pressie and the binding gave me an opportunity to test out this technique I picked up in a course on Craftsy

by Wendy Butler Berns.

Hopefully the gif will give you the how to! In short:


Cut the strips 2 1/4” wide. Cut the starting end on the diagonal.

After pressing the raw edge under fold in half and proceed as the gif shows.

Remember to start sewing a bit away from the starting point and end likewise to easier tuck the end in before the final splice. Remember to avoid “nostrils” in the corners and top stitch for an all machine and thereby fast finish!

03 januar 2012

A new day and a new start…

All my loved ones gathered their loot and gave me this for my 57th birthday.

Mind you it is still a few days away… The birthday that is.

The Crosstrainer is on display in our living room much to DH’s chagrain…


Tested it very tentatively yesterday but today I turned the dial to 5 and started a brisk walk – that lasted 3 min’s…

Me thinks I’ll have to find some informed advice online..