15 april 2013

Testing, testing! Transfer Artist Paper

Ever since I learned about this breed of transfer I wanted to test it out.

For xmas I finally bought and used it and it is indeed something else!

The colors are very well transferred from TAP to fabric and the resulting image can be ironed over with no problem whatsoever! As the sheets are translucent you can only transfer to white or very light surfaces. Here are some examples:

cuffs etc

The fabric here was a very light tan so turned out a very pretty hide look.

The images were written with black and white except the traditional japanese art where what was white now is tan. Still loved it!


Here the labels were ironed over white cotton. Very crisp!


Again over light tan, – a bookmark and another cuff.


My second to youngest grandson received colored pencils, an electric pencil sharpener and lots of paper for his birthday in March so I decided to make him an art tote. Decorated with a saying and some words in fun fonts I printed an image out for him to go crazy on! This would be the front image of the tote.

ben m hjelmben hjelm


ben tote

Benjamin Michael in his uncle’s helmet, edited in Adobe Elements and Fotosketcher and then back in Elements for Fonts etc.

We first tested the quite soft colored pencils but it turned out they scratched…


Luckily I had a few bottles of FW Acrylic Artists’ Ink!

26Ben med totefront

Ben with his Art tote front transferred to white cotton fabric!


So far in sewing, – will be quilted and finished during next week.



Nic tote front

His older brother with his! Smilefjes

The original image:


REMEMBER to print in reverse… Smilefjes som blunker

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Lykke sa...

Wow,så utrolig kult! Og så flotte barnebarn du har ;)

Prinsesse Vilikke sa...

Tøft!! Herlig barnebarn!

Eva Mari sa...

Tusen takk, jenter! Og jeg er så enig! ;)