16 mars 2010

More pillow talk on it's merry way....

Ben eeeelsker puta si, så nå blir det puter til alle de små!

As Ben simply adored his fool-around-pillow I decided to make such for all the wee ones. This is so far, - a work in progress!

Nic is an astronaut thanks to grandma's manip and Spoonflower, Linnea will receive a MackaPacka and Christiania one with her initial. Marcus will have a spaced out pillow with glow-in-the-dark-thread.
The purple and starry night fabrics + gorgeous fleece courtesy of my sister of the heart, Sue!

The fabric with stone images I was able to swap for a tad starry and the universe one was bought at Sydilla.

Nanna's letter was supposed to be all free motion but I'm truly ahead of myself at times... Had to cover my mistakes with hand embroidered swirls and what not...

I'll post pics of the finished pillows when I'm happy with them.
It may take some time... LOL

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