02 juli 2009


En gammel ullvest + en gammel dongeribukse

= redesignveske fra eget hode! ;)

Made from vest made of wool/viscose and jeans..

The vest was felted in the washingmachine, 3 times..

Lining, bottom/sides and both pockets from the jeans.

Pattern by myself.. ( Insert crazy emo.. )

redesign purse
key chain
open pocket
zipper pocket
woolen back

4 kommentarer:

Sue sa...

Why you should go into business EM! When I saw that purse you know who I thought of? HOLLY!!!

love you.


Nora sa...

Den retrovesken din var kjempetøff! Herlig, herlig! Takk for at du deler og inspirerer :)
Skal ta meg en runde lengre tilbake i bloggen din og.

Eva Mari sa...

Wow! Now you are doing a Geir, you know. He is saying this constantly but really - I'm not there.

He gets soo annoyed because he thinks I should be proud.
I'm very happy sewing, - almost as happy about that as making graphics.. ;)

Love and hugs from your sis of the heart! <3

Eva Mari sa...

Tusen takk, Nora!!
Så koselig!

Klem fra meg :D