28 juni 2009

Coffee wallpapers

Moret meg litt med kaffesitater og skrivebordsbakgrunn. Skrivebordsbakgrunn #1 for ev egne sitater!

Trykk på de du bare ser litt av for full størrelse og ev opplasting.


Had some fun with coffe quotes and wallpaper. Wallpaper #1 for ev quotes of your own choice!

Hit the ones you only can see a part of for full size and ev save.

coffee wallpaper

coffee wallpaper


coffee wallpaper brain off

coffee wallpaper disabled

coffee wallpaper error

coffee wallpaper sewing machine

2 kommentarer:

Sue sa...

Those are great EM! Saved them all! I couldn't survive without my coffee!


Eva Mari sa...

LOL I so miss coffee, hon! I didn't drink the stuff until I was about 25 for some strange reason...
Crazy, I know. *Boink*
And after my illness I cannot, - darn! 10 years of bliss and I still adore the smell...
*Dreamy* I sometimes sin but hey! I take the bill myself so don't scold...! As if you would!
Love you! Hugs from your sis of the heart :D