15 juni 2009

Back to the sea


I hold a shell up to my ear,
and listen.
Listen to the sea calling me,
me without gill or fin
back to my very origin.
Way back.


Back to the saline sea of my mother's womb.
Back to life's ultimate swim.
From a safe quiet sea
to begin my life and be.
Back further still.

back to the sea

Back to the moment of conception.
In a sea of love,
poised to start the first inning.
I am back to my very beginning.


Mollie Odell Bourne


The Open Sea

How swiftly flows the river,
as it hastens to be free,
away from land's binding fetters,
en route to the open sea.
The passage is a rough one,
that it tackles with seeming glee,
shooting dangerous, rocky rapids,
en route to the open sea.
When at last it's reached that goal,
fulfilling it's destiny,
it mingles with the salty brine,
found in the open sea.
How similar is the life of man,
struggling like you and me,
to reach that lofty promised land.
The sky is our open sea.

William Otto


For ev gjester,

– men ikke sett koppen slik!

For ev guests,

and hopefully you are too clever

to put the latte down like this…

3 kommentarer:

Eva Mari sa...

Sjekk ut dette: jeg laget ny bakgrunn til bloggen min, - og aller mest imponerende: fikk den inn! LOL

Jepp, - jeg er en enkel sjel...

Check this out: I made a new background for my blog, - and what is really most impressive: I managed to add it! LOL

Yup, - I'm a rather simple soul...

Linda_M sa...

Fin bakgrunn, mams. Litt mørk, men veldig fin:) Og veldig fine dikt! Og nå fikk jeg lyst på latte *lol*

Ah the open sea
The silence beneath the waves
Salty sanity

En liten hav-haiku to go with the ocean theme;-)

Eva Mari sa...

Tuuusen takk, skatt!
*silly happy dance*
Og kjempefin haiku!!
Klem fra mamma :D