26 mars 2010

Nea's quilted bedspread done!

Min første quilt, - ingen suksess når det gjaldt avslutning, - GULP!
Hjørnene var IKKE bra...
Ga etter og skar kantebåndet smalere + gjorde det om til - KANTEBÅND!
Rundet av hjørnene på teppet og fikk det ferdig...

Ikke strøket her iom vask på gang.


Failed big time mastering the art of mitering corners of my very broad binding...

Chickened out and decided to make it more narrow
+ simply doing it as a bias on my rounded piece...

So after heavy steaming several times making my own bias tape etc here it is!

I shall conquer this eventually....

The bedspread is not ironed
as I will wash it before giving it away!

24 mars 2010

A slumber throw for my beloved DH, the Artist!

Når påska er over skal alle små lapper syes sammen til "Kunstnerens Slumrekast"!

Over Easter I'll finish this for my VERY kind hubby!

23 mars 2010

Nea's bedspread so far + the bed!

Da er selve lappeteppet til Lillebollas bursdag sydd. Det mangler vattering, bakstykke og lukkekant ennå.

Her er også senga: Leksvik fra IKEA.
Den skal males hvit!

Nea's bedspread for her second birthday - so far!

Patchwork done, quilting and finishing still to come.
This is the bed our BIG girl will move into, - it will be painted white!

17 mars 2010

Nic and Nanna's pillows are done!

Nicholas som astronaut mekket i Adobe Photoshop og trykket hos Spoonflower.

Nic as astronaut manip made in Adobe Elements. Printed at Spoonflower.

Nannas bokstav dels sydd som free motion, dels brodert litt vilt med flerfarget moulinegarn.

Nanna's C partly free motion with grey thread in my Janome, the rest a wild happening with embroidery stitches and multi colored thread.

16 mars 2010

More pillow talk on it's merry way....

Ben eeeelsker puta si, så nå blir det puter til alle de små!

As Ben simply adored his fool-around-pillow I decided to make such for all the wee ones. This is so far, - a work in progress!

Nic is an astronaut thanks to grandma's manip and Spoonflower, Linnea will receive a MackaPacka and Christiania one with her initial. Marcus will have a spaced out pillow with glow-in-the-dark-thread.
The purple and starry night fabrics + gorgeous fleece courtesy of my sister of the heart, Sue!

The fabric with stone images I was able to swap for a tad starry and the universe one was bought at Sydilla.

Nanna's letter was supposed to be all free motion but I'm truly ahead of myself at times... Had to cover my mistakes with hand embroidered swirls and what not...

I'll post pics of the finished pillows when I'm happy with them.
It may take some time... LOL

03 mars 2010

A very wee viking...

Pc'n har store problemer, så dette er dessverre med blogspot og ikke Live writer...
Syr for tiden vikingklær og dette er Benjamins overdel så langt. Etterhvert skal mammas brikkevevde bånd på.

The 'puter crashed and gone are Elements and Live writer and LOTS of other stuff.
This is Benjamin in his viking top, - free spirit after evening bath... LOL